Remembrance II

A picture of my friend taken during an outing on June 2005 (Form 4)
Shoot roughly using my Lx3 and invert edit to get the color back

Olympus Trip 505

"Found my old film lead me to find my old camera. This piece has been my favourite since my mom gave me when I still in Form 3. I've been using it until Foundation 1st sem when people get more focus to the Digital Camera era. I stop using it because I dint find any motive to use it anymore. My first digital camera (Lumix Fs3 ) was during 1st year 2nd sem, on convofair 08 event. After that time, I indulged myself into the world of photography, learning all basic with just a PnS camera, which later brought me to buy Sony T90, Fujifilm finepix s580o. I sold all of that cameras to get Lumix Lx3 on early 2010 which I've been using until now"

"This piece still can function well, still got film in it with 3 pic already taken. Just need to replace the battery (2 x AA) and I ready to go! XD"

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-nad26z- said...

ak kenal model ko!!!hahahhaa :P