Training and Development

Yeah, got no awesome pic to be put here for the time being. Kinda not have much time to conduct any shooting, photoshoot or whatsover. So, better proceed with learning to improve myself, while studying for the test next week!

This picture is just some experimental work done by using RAW format on the 350D, manual editing, etc2. Not a really great pic,so just want to test if it really nice to be put into the blog or not. ;P



penaberkala said...

wow, header baru
bila nk tolong buat kat blog ak satu

Mohaimin Mokhlis said...

haha nuar, blog kau punye nampak semat je. heh.

Najwa Sofwani said...

biru nampak :D

Mohaimin Mokhlis said...

hehe, agakla sume biru. langsir pun biru,tapi x masuk gambar. heh