Padang UTP

Alahai keciknye panorama bila letak dalam blog yang kecik macam ni. hahaha


When you popular, people will take your photo.
Not sure who this Chinese artist is, I just happened to walk by during his show in Sungei Wang Plaza during the Gunpla exhibition.


Gunpla Builder World Cup 2011

This will be the part 1 of the photo I took during the event. More will come, I cannot put too much pics in one go.

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Plaza Low Yat

This Plaza Low Yat is not the same as althought it has the same name. However, it serve almost similar purpose, to sell IT and gadget at the best price possible. But there are also some shops that sell at higher price, so don't go there and go to one shop only, explore all shops if possible, even if you just want to a small components like memory card. Experiencing a way to find the cheapest components will end up a smile face in the end of the day. =)


Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011

This participant is the one who won the grand prize and represent Malaysia to Hong Kong for International level competition. Yeah, I'm not a guy who fancy with gundam, but I found out that it is exciting to have some shots of the competition. More will come, just wait. ;p